Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cheese Terrine

A visiting friend from Canada gave me this really delicious cheese terrine. His family sells it in their deli here in the Philippines. It came in a ceramic tub (duh, of course you can see that) and tightly sealed in plastic. It consists of three cheese layers and tucked with different herbs, but the prominent taste was of the sundried tomatoes and basil. Although it was a bit salty (as expected with cheese spreads), it wasn't overwhelmingly so. In fact, it added character and played a part in eminating the full flavor of the herbs. It was just perfect!

Before tasting it, I thought of what type of bread to pair it with. Grocery store-bought bread just won't do it. Something as spectularly home made as this one merits an equally spectacular vehicle. Fortunately for me (and for everybody else who got to taste the pair), I still had half a loaf of the sweet whole wheat bread I baked earlier in the day. I gingerly spread some cheese on my bread and took one bite... it was ambrosial! Sweet and salty. It was like eating pizza, minus the excessive oil. The sweet bread tempered the saltiness of the cheese, and the wheat kernels provided an extra crunch and the flavors were just really something. I'm really not a bread-and-cheese fan, but I LOVED this. And I ate it every morning until I ran put of the cheese!

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