Monday, February 13, 2006

Reintroducing Decadence Cake

Chocolate Decadence Cake. This has been an all time favortie cake for as long as I can remember. Almost all guys in my circle swear by this as their all time favorite. So, how does a real decadence should be like? What makes a plain chocolate cake, suddenly become an all new different cake that merits its own followers?
The base is a rich dark chocolate cake, definitely not the chiffon type. It has to be dense but moist, firm yet tender. And a bittersweet chocolate flavor that would linger in the mouth after every bite.
Now, the caramel. It has to be smooth, no specks of crystalized sugar. It shouldn't be's rather sharp with a strong taste of fresh unsalted butter. A slight bitterness from the caramelized sugar lifts up the caramel into a whole new dimension. The success or failure of a decadence lies mostly in the correct proportion and cooking of the caramel. Too burnt a sugar would make the caramel too bitter and will leave a rust-y aftertaste. But when done correctly, the burst of bittersweet and caramel in the mouth is heavenly. The caramel becomes the perfect complement to the chocolate cake.
As simple as it may seem, the makings of a lovely decadence cake requires great attention and exact proportion of ingredients, so that one doesn't overpower the other. It is an interplay of sorts, that when taken together, blends deliciously in the mouth, leaving no room for second thoughts, trusting only the senses that says "This truly is an all time favorite cake!"

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