Monday, March 20, 2006

Pesto Loaf

The soft curve you see on the side? That's my golden calf right there! That is what measures the success or failure of my bread. It just goes to show how soft it is! (yeah, hear me boast hehe) I am aware not all people like really soft breads, especially those who are more into the artisan breads, which has a chewy crumb and leather-y or crackly crust. I have nothing against artisan breads, in fact, I adore them. It garners a lot of patience and skill; It is not for the weak hearted. And it also merits a different post!
Back to the subject: Pesto.
It is not common to make your own pesto, I know. Especially with the plethora of bottled pesto available everywhere, and not just in the groceries. But there really is nothing to it. With the invent of the food processor, this labor-saving device makes pesto in a blink of an eye. A bunch of basil, olive oil, some garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and a dash of salt and pepper, zap everything up in the food processor and there you go.
I meant to have a swirl of pesto in my loaf. But the rising kind of unswirled it a bit. Now I have pesto running off the mill.
This is a delight to eat on its own, but great with sandwiches too, provided the pesto would complement the fillings (rather than overpower). Chicken pastel, sundried tomatoes and cottage cheese, turkey and mango chutney, these are only some that I believe would taste heavenly with pesto bread.


Parsley, optional 30g
Basil leaves 60g
Pine Nuts 40g
Virgin Olive Oil 120ml
Parmesan, grated 10g
garlic, peeled 20g
Salt and pepper to taste
1. Rinse parsley and basil well, dry thoroughly.
2. Transfer everything, except oil, to a food processor. Pulse/process.
3. Scrape everything. Gradually add oil to form a sauce-like consistency.
If you don't have a food processor, it's A-ok (but it would be wise to invest on one, its uses are infinite!). This may be done manually with a chopping board, but it might not produce as fine a texture. Still, chunky pesto might taste just as great!

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