Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Favorite Starbucks Treat

This treat has been on display in Starbucks for as long as I can remember but until only recently, I have never took much notice of it, I usually just have coffee or an occasional slice of carrot bread.
For my discovery of this noble Butterscoth Fudge Bar, I only have my friend S--with her love for desserts that matches mine--to thank for. Whenever we'd drop by at Starbucks, I would almost always see her buying apiece and munching happily away, literally.I tried, I tasted, me want! That's pretty much how it went. The fudge in the Butterscotch Fudge is truly addictingly FUDGEY--pleasantly chewy, sticky, semisweet; it reminds me a lot of the fudge used in McDonald's' sundaes. There were globs of it here, there, and oh underneath too! When you bite into it, your teeth will sink into a delectable pair of fudge and butterscotch with a matching whiff of buttery scent greeting your nose and a good crunch from walnuts rounding your glorious state. You'll get bits of dessicated coconut once in a while, but it's flavor is subtle, more for an added texture than anything.

After a day, the fudge top would have formed a crusty skin and the bottom into a sugary brittle, with the interior remaining finger-lickin' moist and sticky. This is a kind of a bar that is more than satisfying to eat and a great no-fuss treat to pacify a craving, undeniably equaling cakes with its garb of creams and icings. There's a lot of texture going for it, interesting dual flavor and a steal at 50bucks!

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