Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Strawberry Fantasy

These juicy red strawberries were given to me by my godmother. She just came back from Baguio (8-hour drive from Manila, give or take), where these beauties are widely grown. Unlike the strawberries sold occasionally in groceries, they look plumpier and brighter (in color) and seem to emit a sweeter fragrance.
Now, strawberries are one of the most versatile fruits in my book. When I was younger, I immensely enjoy them with sweetened condensed milk. When I got older, heavy cream replaced the sweet-laden milk. When eaten on its own, strawberries are very low in calorie. They're high in potassium and Vit. A., contains little sugar and no fat. These heart-shaped fruit is a member of the rose family and has always connoted purity, passion, and healing. Strawberries are said to be the best of the berry fruits and is unique for having its seeds on the outside.
A mini me!

These smaller strawberries are only as big as cherries, but equally delicious. I plan to sprinkle them on trifles whole, to give a more dramatic look. My strawberry trifle would consist of only three simple things: chiffon, heavy cream, and fresh succulent strawberries. Put them all together in individual glasses, they would look elegant and taste nothing short of ambrosial.
Another Baguio specialty, the strawberry jam. And it is no ordinary jam, as you can see, it boasts whole strawberries, flaunting them with every spoonful. It's more like a strawberry coulis or compote and is not very jelly-like.

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