Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Dome for Me

It's typical of me (and for everbody else!) to want chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. That's exactly what I had in mind when I designed this dome of a dessert. I used my favorite chocolate recipe, which produces tender, almost too soft a crumb. In order to transform what ought to have been a mere chocolate mousse cake, I racked my brain out for a fanciful way of delivering it-- most of us eat with their eyes, y'know--and uncreative nomenclator that I am, I just called it DOME.
People love the ice cream-like surprise of a mousse inside and I couldn't agree more. Its play of thick chocolate cream and tender dark chocolate cake never fails to get a sigh from any chocoholic. As for it's facade, it's where I put a bit of myself--its festive appearance shows my almost too puerile attraction for confettis.
Who says you can only express yourself through art?!

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bytchgoddess said...

was reading through your whole blog and i found this post about your DOME cake... would this be the same DOME cake from Starbucks or you just made this all by yourself? I didn't mean to say that you were copying or what since am aware that they just get their cakes from a commissary in Pasig but I would love to get your recipe for this if you would allow.. i love their dome cake and i would be forever thankful if you can share it with me.. my daughter's love chocolate cakes of every kind as well.. thanks and keep on blogging.. :)