Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Two Cakes Today

This has got to be the best Starbucks cake I've ever eaten! It's so light and creamy that I can easily finish it in under 5 minutes. And maybe that's the only downside to it, that it's gone almost too soon when I still need that one more bite! The two thick layers are strawberry cream that is dense and rich in taste with an unusually delicate strawberry flavor. This has more substance and a knock out bite to the senses; it makes you forget sugar and calories and that you bought it to share in the first place!
While I was yet recovering from my strawberry daze, I got jolted back to earth with the Black Forest I got from Breadtalk. Although every element was perfect-- the chiffon was light and moist, abundance of chocolate shavings-- it just didn't make the cut put together. It was lacking in taste, the cherries offered little help (there weren't a lot to start with) and so did the light chocolate mousse. Anyway, they do make good breads, so on the bright side, life is indeed fair.

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