Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cheers to 2007!!!

I just have to share this. The owner of this pair of tiny paws have officially marked his territory outside my sister's house.
Lucy in the sky

What was once just around the corner has now arrived! WELCOME 2007! The Year of the Pig (or swine as some friends would say hehe) carries with it its own revelations, promises and hopefully more great desserts! Woohoo!
I'm still on vacation mode, so in spite of all late night get togethers, partying and eating, I still feel relaxed and in good spirit. Last night, my rimmed, tired eyes were fully open and in awe of the many colorful lights shooting through the dark sky; nothing could have made me fall asleep even if I wanted to. It was not only the welcome of a new year that we're celebrating, but also for my brother-in-law's birthday! And only during his birthday do we make him his most requested, most favorite birthday cake, the family Caramel Chocolate Cake (soon to be available to the public!). In short, his reservations to sweet laden food and self control had all but become nonexistent.That's our makeshift paputok (firecracker), mainly consisting of a boxful of watusi (little sticks of firecrackers usually ignited on the pavement with your shoe)-- our futile solution to just one more merry maker. That's what you do when you run out of noisemakers, you create your own. It may not do any wonder--suffice it to say that our paputok wannabe was only boasting little specks of light, just like what you see in cartoon movies' magic wands-- but it gives you something to laugh about for a while. Or better yet, submit to your sudden impudence and drink up when some guys driving down the street in a golf cart offer you a shot of vodka! You sure will get loads of hoots and effusive encouragement!

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