Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cranberry - Carrot Yeast Loaf

This is more like a breakfast sweet treat than anything, but a healthy one, nonetheless. The loaf is studded with grated carrots, chopped dried cranberries and made with whole wheat flour. The pairing of carrot and tangy cranberries proved to be complexly interesting; chunky, nutty, brimming with flavor...this bread at its best is pure substance. I have completely forgotten where the recipe for this bread is, but I know for sure that almost any wheat loaf, or white loaf for that matter, may be adjusted to accommodate the cranberries and carrots. If you feel like experimenting, I would suggest holding off 2T of the water called for in the recipe as you add the carrots, since carrots contribute a lot of moisture.
Adding dried cranberries early on in the mixing process presented no problems, as the tiny fruits didn't shed off any color, and the kneading was just perfect to sufficiently mince the cranberries.
Since this bread holds so many good things that give moisture, it will stay soft and moist longer than any ordinary preservative-free loaf.

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