Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The idea of cooking has always deluded my interest. People often ask me what I love doing more-- baking or cooking?--and I answer straightaway: baking. I can cook decent meals, I am finicky to the kind of meat/vegetable cut I need, but I show off my cooking prowess only to a few selected individuals, family included, because I'm armed with taste-facts that will make them tick; garlic-y? spicy? it could be a fairly predictable process for me. Like Bee, he loves Bolognese and I can cook him a nice dish of Bolognese, complete with liver (which, for me, IS the secret ingredient) and a splash of red wine vinegar. My friend L loves cream-based, so there you go, Alfredo pasta with bacon and lots of cheese. Earlier this week, I have mentally decided to attend a cooking class, yielding to a sudden unexplainable urge to want to learn how to cook properly and maybe, even professionally. But, earth to me, I forgot to reserve a slot, I actually forgot all about it (?!*&). Anyhoo, I made a pasta dish (the all time favorite, easiest to prepare meal) and tried my prowess in what I now call Glazed Pork Stir Fry.
Marinara is one of the eaaasiest pasta sauce there is! All it needs are few simple ingredients, line them up, and that's about half of your work done! I used whole peeled tomatoes, this way you get to have chunky tomatoes and also get to customize the taste of your pasta, in this case, I wanted a more authentic taste, as in slightly sour. The capers are real must-haves, pour in some of their juice as well, the taste gets more elevated and pronounced.
And lastly, add the olives. A few spoonfuls should do it, unless you absolutely love them and would want them taking center stage. I cut mine into quarters, am not so much of an olive fan, but they're appropriate taste accent. Let the mixture boil, add salt and pepper if necessary, until reduced. Pour onto pasta and sprinkle in some Parmesan cheese for a perfect end.
I must say this is a great home-cooked meal, my brother loved it and I did, too. Add the fact that I don't need to dirty up a lot of pots and pans and prepare a long mis en place, this goes up, up, up in my book.

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