Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Cake that Sweat

Our friends' Tagaytay wedding (Saturday, 070707) proved to have tested not only my endurance, but also the capacity of my cake to sweat before completely melting off to oblivion. Bee and I have looked forward to this very short vacation for months, but nothing prepared me for the "tests" I must endure just to be able to attend the wedding. A week prior to the wedding date was the cake making stage. Seeing that I have already bought a lovely dress and shoes for the wedding, have booked with a make-up artist and hairdresser, and have already arranged for the cake transportation, I know I have nothing more to worry about but just to busy myself with the cake. But I was so wrong! For that week prior to the wedding date, Tuesday to be exact, I was afflicted with fever, cough, colds and as if those weren't enough, the occasional nasty headache!

With whatever ounce of strength I had, I made the first two layers in one day, knowing only too well that I'm bound to get sicker in the next few days. Fortunately, the flowers I were to use have all been done in advance, so I got that one less problem to worry about. Now, as days passed, I was faced with the sad possibility of not being able to attend the wedding I so looked forward to; on top of that, I was sick to the pit of my stomach with the numerous medicines I had to take, that I almost dared myself to stop taking them completely, reasoning out that my body is designed with the capacity to nurse itself back to health.

On Friday, Bee visited me and insisted I take 3000mg (!) Vitamin C. For the record, I never take Vitamin C's, I have lack of confidence with vitamins period. But I did take them, albeit forcibly, just as I did with that cup of Chrysanthemum tea. Anyhow, whatever it is (could be the loads of prayers!), I felt better Saturday morning that I decided I can go and cope with it.

The cake survived, as you can obviously see. My sister, C, came to my rescue, of course, and finished where I stopped. It was raining for the better part of the day in Tagaytay and the cold wind created a very humid atmosphere that challenged the very nature of fondant-based wedding cakes. But all's well that ends well, I guess. The fondant got sweaty and slightly soft, but I quickly overlooked the shiny result and decided that it made the cake look quite pristine in a good way.

As for me, I was okay come Sunday, tired but nothing a couple of Vit. C's can't do.

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