Friday, August 17, 2007


I am not much of a drinker. But I do love a shot of Bailey's in my coffee every now and then (really, who doesn't?!). That said, it is not entirely true that I do NOT love alcohol. I may be diffident in discerning a cosmopolitan from a margarita, but I will take their nefarious spirit head-on. On a lighter note, I enjoy eating my personally tailored rum cake that boasts of a bitter twang, not to mention my prized fruitcake, which has been doused with brandy every 2-3 weeks for 5 months! So, you see, although I don't drink alcohol straight up, I like to appropriately sneak them in in any way I can.Now, cocktails are alcohol dressed up. They take on sweet colors, come in pretty glasses and add to it a slice of lemon, you have for yourself a groovy drink! Not being a cocktail savvy, I have to let my friends decide which drink is best for me--on the condition of nothing too strong, yet nothing boring like a Long Island Iced Tea either. I soon realized that Margarita is that drink with salt on the rim of the glass and is most commonly made with either lime or lemon juice. On first sip, the bitterness may be crude for a first time drinker such as myself, but the bitterness becomes ephemeral on the second or third drink. And I find myself constantly smacking my lips together--a tacit reminder of my love for salt.

Fast forward to several days later, I find myself accompanied by a Frozen Blue Margarita. Piled high like a shining blue icicle, I have to use a straw to sip my way in. Curiously, whoever said drinking with a straw inebriates like no other should try drinking a frozen one! The brain freeze ought to jolt you awake to sanity.

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