Sunday, November 02, 2008

Almond Toffee Cake
Early this year, I remember feeling that time is dramatically slow. It was pleasant in a way that I didn't wonder where the days went. On the other hand, if there was to be a perfectly good example to the saying "time flies" in my life, this year would be it.
Frozen Royal Sansrival

For starters, this blog has not been updated. Regardless of the many instances that I would have loved to write about. Has it been that long? 6 months? Where was the entry about the new place, The Stockmarket, at Bonifacio High Street? or how about the nice dinner I had at Katre? And more importantly, where was my brother's wedding day and his wedding cake that my sister, Carla, created for him? Well, they all flew. But stuck to my memory. And this is no the first time I'm thankful for that one part of our brain that is designed to hold memories.

One of the best things I've lost my time into is planning for Cosmo Bread's first ever store, newly christened Carla & Elaine's, for my sister-partner, Carla, and I. One day I was just dreaming about it with a great deal of time perfecting it. But just as there is a right time for everything, there is also a time for realization- that it is, in fact, the right place at the right time. Now, everything's going faster, flashing brighter, days seem to be shorter. I've enjoyed scouring flea markets, antique shops and department stores for the cheeriest little flower pots, the loveliest photo frame, the home-iest cookie jar; it was imperative that I have the right plastic bag, the right wooden board and the right wall color. The many taste tests (still on-going as of this writing!) on our sunday lunches has almost become a ritual, with family and friends asking for "what's next?". The homemaker (gee, that sounded maternal) in me on total alert mode, churning out desserts in various forms and sizes. So, you should know that our new collection is a family affair and everybody contributed a lot, even just to tell me how wearing an apron suits me! hehe. Original Peppermint Bars

Carla & Elaine's is opening real soon! And I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting our old and new clients! We have cakes, gourmet cookies, pound cakes as well as souvenir ideas, wedding and other themed cakes. Our online shop will be available soon at, so watch out for that, as I'm sure you will enjoy shopping online! In the mean time, our old websites Cosmo Bread and CakesbyCarla are still accessible.

See you!




nyel said...

laine! you're opening your own bakery? goshgee, that's so exciting! i'm looking forward to trying out your breads, cupcakes, and whathaveyous when i come home next year. ;)

Len said...

pls do! visit us soon okay!!

Len said...

pls do! visit us soon okay!!