Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I have been interested in fashion for a long time. I look at magazines for inspirations and to update myself with the trends and whatnots. Having an incredible amount of time at home and spending time with  my 11 month old baby girl, I find myself having this desire to create clothes not just for me but for my little girl, too. I bet many moms with little girls can relate to a yearning to dress their little girls with cute clothes all the time. I get excited whenever Maddie and I are going out because I get to dress her up (and with no complaints from her!). Photo sessions at home is my excuse to use all her new clothes and even order a custom made one for her. Speaking of custom made, I can't deny that what takes up my free time lately is in learning this new craft. I have partnered with a good cutter and sewer and I feel that it is inevitable that I pursue this new craft (new to me, at least) if only to be able to create clothes not just for myself and Maddie, but for the whole family, as well. It gives me a sense of responsibility whenever I opt not to buy a piece of clothing and instead make one for myself with a fraction of the would-be price.
The rosette dress above is the latest I designed for Maddie. It was supposed to be her Holiday dress but it's still a little loose on her. It's for 1-1.5years old. But, I sure can't wait for Maddie to wear it with white stockings and Maryjanes!

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