Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Carrot Bread

Carrot Cake or Carrot Bread. Whatever one may call it, I want it substantially spiced with scents redolent of fresh harvest and an earthy undertone. I don't usually make carrot breads, unless we're talking about the yeast leavened. I simply find it unchallenging, no matter how arrogant I might sound there, it is the truth. And nor do I find grating carrots exciting.
BUT I am never less at leisure than when I am in my kitchen, whipping up something I will be delectably enjoying in a little while. So, I'll make carrot bread! Although I may have passed from one carrot bread to another, I am yet to be fully satisfied. I have in my collection two recipes for carrot bread, one is oil-based, the other butter-based. I have learned through first hand experience and eating that oil based ones retain their moistness longer and are more freeze stable. But, I was more in the mood for butter, fresh fragrant unsalted butter.
I processed the carrots, instead of grating them (hand grating carrots produces thicker, more elongated pieces). I placed all the dry ingredients together : flour, salt, leavener, and spices. I creamed the butter and sugar til pasty, the eggs went in next and the dry ingredients. I only made half a batch and I poured it in a 9x5 pan.
It didn't rise much but a quick recollection comforted me that I didn't left anything out. The first bite felt and tasted new to me. There were no toothy carrot strips, the ones I got accustomed feeling in my mouth. The bread wasn't tall, but it was light. And the spices were not too strong, but definitely there. I loved it! I even left it in the fridge with no cover, and after two days, it was still the same texture. How wonderful!

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