Thursday, March 16, 2006

Baby Egg (NOT Quail)

My brother B has been eating a lot of egg whites since he started going to the gym and packing in some bulge. So great was his delight when he received a pack of this little cute eggs that is supposedly pure egg white. Yes, they're cute, but pure egg white? more like quail eggs, I say!
He cracked open one and lo and behold, it was really pure egg white. Well, except for one teeny tiny glitch. There was a miniscule yolk amidst the whites. So tiny, you'd think it is a bread crumb.
These eggs are sold in Ongpin (Philippines' chinatown; one can find almost anything there!) at Php 1 each. But, I'd rather go for the real thing. As I matter-of-factly told my brother that one large egg costs around Php 3.75 - 4 each and four baby eggs would hardly constitute one full grown egg white in weight -- not to mention the free yolk that I get from it (for my buttercreams).
But, they're cute.

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