Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yeasted Coffeecake

This is a coffeecake unlike any other I have ever tasted. Primarily because it is yeast leavened. This was made by my sister from the new baking book she recently got.
From where I came from, coffeecakes are almost always leavened with a chemical leavener. So, this came as a refreshing all-new taste to me. The crumb was soft, with a slight chew, but still not quite bread like. It has a lot of good things going on for it: brown sugar crystals here and there, walnut pieces and a heavy intoxicating smell of vanilla!
I was told that this coffeecake had little butter in it, that its rich texture had only to have come from the 6 (!) yolks it contains. How yolks would give a coarser texture to cakes, but would exactly do the opposite to yeast leavened breads/pastries is another note of difference in their properties.
But, as it is, this type of coffeecake would stale faster. This is best kept tightly sealed in room temp or freezer (for longer storage). Once it becomes stale, it'll be just like any other bread. To reheat, use the toaster and not the microwave, because the microwave would only cause all its moisture to seep out and if not eaten immediately, would make the bread hard and rubbery.

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