Monday, March 13, 2006

Sugar High Sunday

dessert in its many ways
The exclusive Tea Party was what I've been looking forward to the whole week. It was hosted by food blogger/food writer/food stylist Lori Baltazar and the living room's Carlos Celdran. When I first learned about this, I quickly snagged a ticket. Lucky for me, because tickets were sold out in 24 hours (or so).

There were more than 60 people cramped in a charming old apartment. It was bright and sunny outside, reflective of how everyone inside seemed to be talking animatedly all at once. People were busy mingling, sipping coffee, and awaiting the tea party's main event: a parade of great desserts by some of Manila's best home bakers.
The different cakes and tortes were divided into two. But both sets received definitive ooh's and aah's. There was Magic Kitchen's White Chocolate Symphony (an old personal favorite) and Triple Hazelnut Mousse; Gerald Gan's Cheesecake that's velvety soft and smooth and Crunch Cake; Roshan's very chunky Walnut Ghirardelli Cookies and really tart and crunchy Lemon Torte (I got to bring one home!); Karen Young's Blueberry/Strawberry Cheesecake and Xanadu; the ever famous Mango Torte Extraordinaire of Dulcelin; Trina Imperial's Turtle Cake, Sharlene Tan's Strawberry Cake, Banana Cream Pie, and Carrot Cake.
Too bad I wasn't able to finish everything, because I was already feeling so full and satiated, that I couldn't differentiate one taste from the other. Fortunately, one friend had proposed that we share the cakes. He was quick to point out that if he wasn't feeling so full, he could've finished everything. The same goes for me!
Soon, the event ended. It had been fun while it lasted. Being the dessert/food lover that I am, I felt exhilarated having met a lot of people who share the same sentiments. I left feeling heady and a BIG smile on my face.

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