Monday, March 13, 2006

The REAL Lemon Torte

This is Roshan's Lemon Torte. I was the lucky winner of this stupenduous cake through a raffle from a highly successful tea party held recently. It consists of 3 layers of extremely crunchy walnut meringue, sandwiched in between with lemon curd. Now, when I say lemon curd, I'm saying it's really tart, made from real lemons. Not artificially perfumed with lemon whatsoever.
When I first bit into it, I immediatly crunched huge walnuts into pieces. There were loads of these heavenly treats. They were so crunchy, you'd think they were caramelized. The curd was smooth and somewhat chewy. It sits atop the layers like magnificent robes.
Roshan kept stressing that it should be immediately frozen upon getting home. But, I don't have any complaints even when it's been sitting in a room for an hour. What really got to me was it was crunchy all throughout. The meringue might have become a tad chewy, but the walnuts more than made up for it.
This lemon torte is such a delight. So tart and crunchy, it awakens all your senses.

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