Monday, April 17, 2006

Back to nature

chicken barbecue
The holy week had been a blast! C and I, together with a bunch of friends, trekked off to Tagaytay to have a few days off from the hustles and bustles of the city (although, the Holy Week usually leaves roads and streets empty). We arrived a little before midnight, it had been a short ride, with almost no cars abounding to where we were heading. We arrived at the house, situated at the highest plateau of the village, giving us a nonpareil view of tiny lights scattered about at night; a beautiful landscape and the Taal Mountain in the morning; and a larger than life red fiery glow of sunset in late afternoon.
C had always been fond of grilling. On the wee hours of the morning, we were able to have some seafoods for our grilling later in the afternoon. We brought marinated chicken barbecue from home and it took the longest time to cook. But all's well when their's a lot of storytellings and laughters to wait with.

Not in the picture were fat, juicy tilapias. And I could honestly say they're the largest I've seen. They were grilled just right, with its natural juices bursting in every bite. Grilling is really the way to go when one wants to enjoy food with minimal added fat. I'll have grilled food anytime over steamed food. And this proved to be the only healthy part of our day, as we've earlier feasted on chips, sodas, and chocolates.
It truly had been relaxing and rejuvenating to spend some down time with friends. The weather was chilly at night, a delight to our sun drenched skin. There were no computers to busy oneself with emails, nor telephones that seem to constantly ring. There were only the soothing gusts of wind and the bright starry sky to entertain our jaded minds.

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