Thursday, April 06, 2006

Blueberry Princess says Hi!

Recently, I was given blueberries in pectic syrup. The blueberries were small, but very flavorful. People who know me well enough would testify my love for anything -berry, e.g strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, and of course, blueberry.
I would give an arm and a leg (or maybe just the payment hehe) to have all of these berries delivered to me fresh every month. I can almost taste the different kinds of confections, cakes, and even breads I can make with them. But, alas, I am not as lucky. Raspberries are almost nonexistent in the Philippines, as well as blackberries and cranberries. Seasonally, strawberries would be available in groceries, and some specialty stores carry fresh blueberries, and for a high price at that!
So, you could just imagine my dramatic feeling for this baby blueberries. Yes, they may not be as fresh as fresh fruits can be, but they're close. My sister A adored this cake. I especially made this for her and a good friend. They enjoyed it while we were watching a supposedly scary movie: Candyman (which, as it turned out, is not scary at all).

I included the mini marshmallows as a last minute detail. The blueberries on top signals for the blueberry filling, while the marshmallows gives a bit of an idea to the kind of icing it has. This icing, by the way, is a different kind that I invented to suit my taste and texture preference. It's marshmallow-y, yet creamy. It suits the blueberries very well, not overwhelming, and not too sweet.
I call it princess, because of its garb of abundant rosettes and creamy color. It looks regal, yet friendly. One mini cake like this could be eaten in 3 mouthfuls without feeling satiated or sickly. It tastes light, yet lingering, with its sensual taste clinging to the palate long after that last bite.

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