Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cakefull of Indulgence

This is my idea of a strawberry cake. I've always made them with the bits mixed in the cream, giving it a pinkish hue with red pulses here and there. I believe it makes the flavor of the strawberries really come out and makes one savor it all the more. The vanilla scent is but minimal, only to give the chiffon a whiff of flavor. This cake has only a number of ingredients for assembly, but each as evident in texture and flavor as the next-- providing a luxurious dessert that is light and refreshing.
As a kid, I've always loved yema (a stiff sticky melange of yolks and condensed milk). This kind of treat is almost indigenous to the Philippines as any pastillas (milk candy). Suffice it to say that I was so enamored in making yemas that I always have a batchful in my fridge. For this yema cake I made for product testing, I spread a thick layer in between layers of fluffy chiffon. The rich buttercream that covers it gives a remarkable melting mouthfeel in contrast to the chewy nature of the yema.
My brother's, B, most favorite fruit encased in rich buttercream. Among all my cake repertoire, this, along with the fresh strawberry cake, is a personal favorite. I don't know what is it with fresh fruits in cakes. Maybe because it alleviates the guilty feeling hehe.
For me, this is my simplest chocolate cake to date. A one-layer dark chocolate cake with fudge-y decadent icing. What I lack in in-between filling is more than made up for by extra chocolates as decors. But its austerity is what enamores me all the more. True to the T moist and deep chocolate richness exploding in every bite. It doesn't take a chocolate cake aficionado to appreciate a chocolate cake in its simplest--no collage of various tastes and textures. It sure can't get any more honest than this!

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SimplePleasures said...

would you be willing to share your yema cake recipe?