Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Sweet Discovery

A lot of nouvelle bakeshops are sprouting everywhere, catering to different needs and markets; some are great and some are okay. But few bakeshops have the longevity of Hizon's, Goldilocks and Red Ribbon. While Hizon's and Goldilocks hold the baton for the usual birthday cakes, Red Ribbon is known more for its dessert cakes and banana slices with its sugary nut top.
I have no qualms with commercially produced cakes, but I just couldn't feel in them the homeyness I associate with cakes. Being a homebaker, I grasp every moment in cake (and bread) preparation. Each step, each ingredient is consciously and lovingly measured. That said, I seldom acquire my cakes in a commercially operated bakeshop. But a recent visit in Red Ribbon with my mom showed me there's more to these cake than I thought. The coffee crunch cake caught my eye, with it's dazzling golden syrup flowing the sides and rock candies sitting on top. So, a box of cake in one hand and several other pastries in the other, we set out and had lunch--bringing all our goodies with us.
I hardly ate lunch. That's how much a dessert can affect my appetite; I cannot wait to give in to my sweet tooth and so I did. And I liked the cake! The fluffy chiffon, bittersweet candy and airy cream were true enough. It's like any other cake, but at the same time different. I especially liked the golden sugar syrup that's decadently caramel and clean tasting. It added flavor and sweetness. The chiffon wasn't too sweet and the crunch candies were plentiful. I guess I'm just tasting the reason why Red Ribbon is around this long!

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