Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Verona Loaf

This is a Verona Loaf. According to my bread book, it's a lemon scented Italian loaf ordained with buttery pockets. I love how that sounds, don't you?! I can just imagine how every bite, every chunk would be sensuously rich and guilt-ridden. And I tell you, after that one heavenly bite, I knew I can't be any farther from the truth.
Aside from the butter incorporated into the dough, the recipe called for rolling and folding a quarter of a cup more of butter, just like how laminated doughs are made, e.g. croissant, danish etc. The dough was velvety soft and satiny, malleable and time flexible. I didn't even find the need to use a rolling pin. After rolling and folding, I let it stay in my fridge for over 24hours before doing the final shaping and rising; there wasn't any adverse effect on the dough and it rose magnificently still. Before baking it, I generously sprinkled granulated sugar on top and it added a temptingly sweet look.
The piece de resistance was the croissant-like texture--a crumb I so admire and have sweat hard trying to achieve . There were layers of rich dough here and there, not overpoweringly oily but tastes guiltylicious enough.
Right out of the oven, I was dazzled by the thousand sugar crystals, enchanted by it's domed finish and amazed by the sweet citrus scent that vanquished the usual aroma of sweet bread. This is definitely one of those breads that's worth doing over and over again.

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