Sunday, July 02, 2006

Two-Toned Pound Cake

I have never thought that marbling two batters can be quite a challenge. I had the constant nagging feeling that I might be overbeating the chocolate mixture while I try to swirl them around. The chocolate batter was a bit thick with the cocoa powder stubbornly coating the batter, to which I have to pry through with my spatula in a chop-chop motion. I included some chocolate chip in the chocolate batter for added texture. I love the feel of a surprise chocolate chip as I let the cake dissolve in my mouth.
Aside from that little debacle with the cocoa powder, this has been a quick and easy recipe. It's a basic butter cake recipe, only funkier. I use only half a recipe since I'll only be giving this to my pregnant sister C (hurrah!). Ever since her pregnancy, she's been having different sweet cravings, to which I'm just too happy to provide. I like how the middle part rises prominently from the pan, creating a homemade pound cake charm. In spite of the cocoa powder, the chocolate cake part wasn't dry nor crumbly. The chocolate chips were melted when I took a bite, making the whole cake a bit gooey and more interesting.
That doesn't look too swirly, I know. The vanilla and chocolate combined made a smiley row in every slice. The top created a cobbled step, a streak of chocolate and vanilla along the way. But that's what I like about marble cakes, each one is unique and just as perfect as the next one.

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