Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chocolate via Potato Chips

I made these for the simple reason that I haven't tried anything like it. I would have bought some in any shop, but nowhere can I find a shop that sells them. Anyway. There's really nothing to it. Both ingredients-chocolate and potato chips-are pantry staples, thus, having almost half the job done. I used Lindt milk chocolate and Lays baked potato chips. Instead of merely dunking the potato chips into the melted chocolate, I decided to make them with a bit of a skill (spreading the melted chocolate just til the edge is nothing to snort about!)
I managed to make more than a dozen medium-sized chocolate chips (now that's a good use for the name!), not counting those that ended straight into my mouth. I left them in the chiller, munching on them every now and then. I enjoy them the most when they're cold; when they shatter in your mouth before melting into one glorious cold mess.

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