Thursday, August 03, 2006

Treat or Threat!

Ahh. Let's have a rundown of this violently rich chocolate torte, shall we? An over-the-top dense fudgy torte that is meltingly chewy, magnificenlty garbed with a heavy punch of serious dark chocolate mousse, finished off with an almost too vulgar hit of fudge icing. Swoon-worthy, yes.
I have to admit, I'm a sucker for dark chocolate. My brother may find this a bit too much for his taste, but this is well-loved by the rest of the family, whose idea of chocolate is Toblerone black and Lindt 70% cocoa.
I love how the icing drips ever so gently and stays put. The resulting delicate appeal coupled with the all-chocolate look allures even the healthiest of buffs and severs the strictest of diets. This could be your treat or your undoing, I tell you. I love them the most straight from the freezer, in which the coolness heightens the intensity of the chocolate and makes the torte close to being cheesecake-like--but how it stays soft and billowy even after an overnight chill in the freezer is beyond me.Needless to say, they're perfect with coffee. The sharp bitterness of brewed coffee mingling with the intensity of chocolate makes the whole experience memorable and interesting, there's a strong unfrivolous quality in every mouthful that you won't need a big slice. And somehow, after that one bite, you'd know it's how it truly must be enjoyed.


Lori said...

Enticing description, but where exactly can we get this torte?

Just Desserts said...

I make them! although it's not available to the public yet.