Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Pancake is All it Takes!

My sister has been crashing in our place for over a week now, she's into her first trimester and since renovation in their house for the coming baby has started, she's icky with dust and what not. So, here she is and I just enjoy having her around--in spite of all that perennial bizarre cravings she seem to develop everyday! One day it's chocolates, sweet mangoes the next; fresh lumpia today and chicken nuggets tomorrow-- oh, the fervent wishes and indulgence of pregnancy.
One saturday, I decided to make her banana pancakes. I have to admit, I used the Pillsbury mix. Much as I enjoy preparing food, there are times (preggers sure can't wait!) I thank the heavens for instants. I used 1-250g pack, add in egg, water and oil--just what the instruction said. I did it one step further and mixed in chunks of sweet fragrant bananas. The batter was lumpy, thick and chunky. And as with cakes, pancakes shouldn't be overmixed, you want them nice, fluffy and tender. I used a fork and mixed lightly until smooth.
The taste and look of the pancakes was unlike anything I imagined. They were fluffy and the bananas added a homey taste. The pancakes were substantially formed, thanks to a thick batter and the bananas. The pancake is light with a pronounced banana taste, not too sweet, easy to chew and swallow. They're perfect for an afternoon snack, an indulgent breakfast or to satiate a pregnant woman's craving (with a thick slather of butter and corn syrup, of course!).

Fluffy Banana Pancakes

250g Pillsbury Hotcake Mix (1 packet)
2 ripe bananas

1. Follow directions for making pancakes. Mix lightly with fork until lumps disappear.
2. Mash bananas, leave some chunky. Add in the batter and mix well.
3. Lightly grease a hot frying pan, fry pancakes 1 at a time. When bubbles appear on the surface, flip and cook the other side until well browned. Makes 4 fat pancakes.

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