Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Triple X Affair

Whenever I would walk by Sugarhouse in the mall, I almost always take a peek at their offerings. I like seeing whole cakes, maybe because they're so seldom now since almost every cafe is sporting single serving mini cakes. This is how I want my cake to look like, in a wedge. There's something homey about it; deliberately and deliciously messy.
I was told this is their bestseller, amusingly called Triple X. The description was plain enough, with layers of meringue and chocolate ganache it read. Well, i just love anything with meringue. Along with their seasonal Strawberry Shortcake, I got my share of desserts for the night.
I failed to take a picture of the Strawberry Shortcake because it was so light to the palate that one bite turned to another, then another, until only a small piece was left. With that aside, I turned my attention to the Triple X the next morning. It was a perfect piece of cake. The chocolate was bittersweet with an interesting chewy-creamy texture. The cashew studded meringue gave an addicting mild crunch. But for me the best part was the thick almond cream in the middle. It was rich, light and dense at the same time. The sliced almonds distinctly gave its own flavor, almost competing with the cashew nuts. The dryness of the meringue in juxtaposition to the velvety cream made a happy pairing; rounded off by a burst of bittersweet almost fudgy chocolate, it was an affair to remember.

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