Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Starbucks Favorite

You can find really great dessert or snack pieces in Starbucks. Aside from my other favorite treat from them-- the butterscotch fudge bar-- I remember that this banana cream pie was my first love in college. My friend R and I would always share one (to share the calories too, of course!) whilst gulping our frap and coffee. If we're feeling loaded, we'd even have lunch there before going on to desserts. Anyway, it's been a while since I last saw this creamy pie. I remember loving the crust, it was a bit grainy-crunchy, I could actually feel them in my tongue; you could tell that only a small amount of butter was used because it wasn't pasty at all.
One sunday morning, as I was perusing their well-stocked chiller (it's actually quite nice to look at, all of them complete like that), I saw my old favorite. I was a bit surprsed to see it there; didn't expect it to be there, actually. And it was just how I remembered it to be. There were doses of chocolate sauce and caramel, bananas placed upright instead of overlapping, and whipped cream crowning all it's hidden glories...hmm. How enchanting.

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Abster said...

YUUUMMM... I am, for some odd reason, not a fan of whipped cream or any thick cream except for custards. But with this BANOFFEE PIE, I absolutely enjoy the thick crown of cream that acts as the soft buffer to the sweetness of chocolate and coffee and complements the hardness of the crust.

Ah...I've been thinking about that pie when I passed by Starbucks this morning until current writing time of 2AM.

Desserts can haunt dreams.