Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Crazy Over Cupcakes

My favorite corner in the shop

My friend S and I are major in love with anything that shouts dessert. We feast on them in the deep recesses of our minds way before the first meal has even been ordered. One Saturday, as we were heading for dinner, we side tripped to The Fort to visit Cupcakes by Sonja. We've heard about her cupcakes way back and knew that she had worked in The Magnolia Bakery (ostensibly made famous by Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City). So, we pretty much have to go check it out.
We squealed in delight as we finally saw the Cupcake signage. The shop is pretty small, but my was it well interiored! It has a small open kitchen and a counter right outside with colorful candy sprinkles and colored sugar! We gushed over dainty cupcakes and the homey pink look of the place. It looked like a bakeshop of the yesteryears.
Faced with so many cute cupcakes, it was hard to maintain our composure. We tried every bit of pose just to be able to capture the charm of the place. A number of people started to swarm in and the place is suddenly packed. We made our orders and soon left, but not without taking another picture, of course.
I got 2 Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes, which are absolutely divine, a Red Velvet and a Peanut Butter-Banana Cupcake, which is actually a brownie cupcake. The prices are a bit steep, so you really don't go hoarding in this place. I find the Red Velvet lacking in taste, but I adore the icing though, a cream cheese-confectioner's sugar buttercream. The Peanut Butter-Banana Cupcake wasn't anything like its name at all, save for a single caramelized banana slice on top. But I know I'll find myself in the shop soon, there are still loads of other cupcake flavors to try. And if there's one thing I learned, it's that charm can bring you places.

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