Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lazy Sunday 2pm Lunch- Dessert Part

I bought this Chocolate Rum Loaf (P280loaf w/o box) from Joyce Aragon, she makes them superbly and her rum cakes have been bestsellers. I haven't tried her Rum Butter Loaf, but I imagine it would be just as nice. I especially like how the bottom of this loaf is almost soaking wet with rum. I'm a sucker for liquor cakes; I want them drenched through and through. If only I'm the type to throw all cautions to the wind, I would and could finish this entire loaf! Because even though it is a butter cake and a chocolate at that, it isn't heavy nor sweet at all; the crumb is light yet firm at the same time, it doesn't go tumbling down at the nudge of a fork. Although this can be enjoyed anytime of the day and is more forgiving in terms of storage compared to cakes, I most prefer eating it well chilled and accompanied with milk.
My sister D isn't a baker per se, she's a banker, but once in her life she had fancied being a baker and had actually pursued it. That was the time when I was really young and simply looked forward to helping her shape cookies, eating the corners of the brownies she just made and devouring her still hot carrot-pineapple cupcakes (which I still think is the best I've ever tasted). I couldn't remember a time that I didn't like whatever she baked. And then one day, it all stopped, she changed course and the rest is history. She now flies in and out of the country and only has the time to cook on Sundays. Anyway, she had recently acquired her lost passion for baking and started making simple desserts, like chocolate cakes and brownies for personal consumption (I supplied some of the recipes, of course). This sudden yearning to bake actually sprouted from my toddler-nephew's penchant for brownies and cookies.
Anyway. She actually made brownies last Sunday and served them a la mode. She decided against microwaving the brownies but still, it was delish. I enjoy anything homemade (that's why I have the habit of ordering from various home bakers) and it really isn't often that somebody makes dessert for the family other than me. This is a nice change. I like it. The taste is different, the texture is not familiar, it is different because her method is different. This is a really really nice change, indeed.

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