Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fruitcake in Cookies

As the Christmas season is drawing near, I am well aware of the fact that it's fruitcake season again. Although most people do not really eat them, everybody still buys them; there's a certain enigma attached to it. I, for one, love fruitcakes. I don't care much about the raisins, but I just love the candied peels and walnuts. I've never failed to indugle in fruitcakes during the season and I've even went to the extreme of ageing my own homemade fruitcake for 5 months. Talk about patience and indulgence.
These fruitcake cookies are just as divine tasting and develops the same desired effect after a bit of mellowing. They're chewy and chunky, extravagant without the heady liquor taste. The espresso powder I added acted as the catalyst for that macho taste, also making the raisins plump up. I imagine that chopped crystallized ginger would be great too, heightening the spiciness of the cookie while adding chewiness.

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