Sunday, October 08, 2006

Quezo de Bola Ensaymada

These are made by a certain famous ensaymada maker, simply known as Mrs. Cunanan, but how special her ensaymadas are! A bit steep in price, but surely one's gotta pay for good treats. One thing I immediately noticed is that it's not coiled as how ensaymadas are usually baked. I especially like how the top isn't smothered with too much butter, letting the grainy sugar and the strong cheese flavor come through. And how I love the quezo de bola topping-- clearly what it's known for--very finely shredded and equally disbursed. The ensaymadas were light and fluffy, easy to eat and not too greasy, which is saying a lot, since ensayamadas generally contain a lot of butter. I find that they go well with strong coffee or tea, the hot liquid making the ensaymada even more tender that almost melts in the mouth.


Crissy said...

Is this the same one sold in Valle Verde?

justdesserts said...

Yes I believe so!