Thursday, December 21, 2006


MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all !!!

Oh man, what a crazy couple of weeks! I spent everyday running to and fro my efficient albeit small kitchen, almost feeling delusional with all the work, the phone calls, scheduling and packaging. I loved every minute of it, even though I'm dead tired by the end of the day. And with every moment I look forward to that day when I can finally rest, enjoy the holiday season-- which I absolutely love-- and of course, shop for gifts! Yey!
To be honest, I hate shopping. I'm not one to enjoy traipsing around the mall; a 2-hour walk is just about the MOST that I can tuck under my belt without giving myself apoplexy from exhaustion. But now, of all time, why does shopping get me hyped up?
As I see it, what I do enjoy about it now is the excitement of finding the right stuff, the right gift. Bee, who normally loves to shop, is anxious about this year's gift shopping, just the mere thought of last year's gift-shopping is enough to daunt him. He knows that I don't just buy any gift. I think, I ponder then I select. He would always say "it's the thought that counts", but where really is the thought there if I don't even give the time to look for the right stuff? I really cannot understand his being apathetic about this whole christmas ministrations. The right stuff doesn't have to be luxurious or even unique. It only has to have integrity, the attribute that it was carefully chosen with the thought that "hey, this is going to be useful for him! or ooh she'd love this! You get the point.
Another thing to be excited about is putting them under the Christmas tree! I would do the shoving, waiting in line, and endure Bee's snivelling all over again if only for this. It's almost as great as opening the gifts themselves! Really.
For this year's shopping, I've already made a list, perused over magazines for great finds and had took the liberty of asking around for wishlists--this really is helpful. I just love this season!
So, please let's all be merry this season, there's always something to be thankful for. Something to thank God for.
Merry Christmas!

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