Monday, December 04, 2006

I Love My Fish!

Bee was craving for a good plate of bolognese the other night that we decided to have dinner in one of our favorite Italian restaurants: Cantinetta, La Nuova or Caffe Maestro. We have tried and tested their bolognese (among many other dishes invariably sumptuous) and we've enjoyed their various adaptation of this classic pasta. C was more inclined to La Nuova, but being that we were just there recently, I was partial to Caffe Maestro.

I ordered a lapu lapu dish, Cernietta al Cartoccio (P545) and Bee got his bolognese-- as if he still needed a menu, it's always bolognese! And I was never short in teasing him of his lack of adventure in dining. And he retorted that I always get the fish. Touche. But hey, I love my fish!

And do I love THIS fish!

It was piping hot, tender, and succulent. The chunky distinctly Italian tomato-caper-olive sauce had a sharp sour tang that brightened the flavor, dramatically encouraging the next forkful. I loved that it was steamed well, with nary a soggy corner at all. Bee liked it, too, I could tell. Every fleshy shard delivered to his plate disappeared faster than I could say "try it!"

Caffe Maestro is located along N. Garcia, just off the final stretch of Jupiter Street, Makati.

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