Monday, April 09, 2007

Pineapple Squares

Most people might expect pineapple squares to be pastry bars, with a shortbread bottom and jelly topping. Although that might fit the bill, it isn't so with my idea of a pineapple square. Introduced to these delicacies early on in my life, I've never enjoyed pineapple bars any more than this. During those times, they come in 10's and packed in elongated plastics. I like to sniff on them first before taking my first bite, letting the milky-buttery aroma work its magic as I let my teeth glide on the sandy, dry crust and gently sink in to the sticky, sweet pineapple filling ensconced like some oasis.

Somewhat surprisingly, I never liked the shortbread part during my younger years; I tend to pass by the unassuming crust, in favor of the more glamorous filling. They were like candy wrappers to me, a step to go through if I was to have something spectacular. Clearly, I neglect to understand that the key for maximum flavor is indeed in the marriage of components. With its butter-rich flavor and crumbly texture, the shortbread paved the way for the filling to shine and stand out; luring every biteful down the path of a texturally interesting experience.

Finally, no more crusts left on my track, just empty wrappers and clean hands.

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