Thursday, April 05, 2007

Prison Break

A 2007 FavoriteFor the record, Prison Break is the only TV series Bee watches. And not too long ago, when I was still so engrossed with The Apprentice, I couldn't understand what's so hot about it.
But Holy Week sure shed some light. One episode led to another, until I almost finished the whole 2nd season. What do I like about it? W-ell, the Wentworth Miller stare is arresting, but surely it's more that that. I have to say that it's one of the few TV series that leaves me holding my breath, tense with what will happen next and ending up texting Bee, making kulit, demanding to know what happened next, even while they're unfolding right before my eyes. It integrates a range of emotions and makes it evident to the viewer in such a short span of exposure. The brotherly love shown with just one look, one hug can easily move me to tears. And although Miller (Michael Scofield) may not have the sharpness in acting working for him yet, Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows- the brother) easily exudes hope, brotherly love and security in such a natural brawn way and I applaud him for that.
Also worth mentioning is Robert Knepper (a.k.a. T-Bag), the cynic southerner, who is "social" and on borderline lunacy. His acting is extremely accurate and truly believable; he executes his character well and precisely matches it with the appropriate facial expressions. I look forward to the dark humor he gives here and there, ultimately allowing viewers to chuckle, albeit heart-pounding moments.

This is really worth being a couch potato to.

P.S. For whatever its worth, he has such a very nice stare, doesn't he?

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Unknown said...

Just googled "The Wentworth Miller stare", and you popped up.

I'm on season 4, and will be very sad when this one ends.