Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cosmo Bread on TV!

Studio 23, Breakfast 6am, May 24 episode.

This was a surreal experience. Not that I was nervous about it--oh no-- frankly, I didn't feel a thing at all. What made it surreal was we were shooting LIVE and at 6 AM. I am not an early sleeper, I sleep around midnight, wake up around 8ish or even 7 sometimes. SOMETIMES. But never 5am. Maybe when I was in college and I always wake up at 3am, then doze off by 5am or not even and I'm ok with it. And all throughout the shoot, I felt like I was floating, I properly say my piece (after all I can talk cake no matter what state I'm in), but now I couldn't even remember what I said.


prettyrandomthings said...

alo! watched the clip from carl's phone! congrats again! :)
haha mukhang sleepy ka nga but it went ok naman eh :)
kakainis lang kasi i think nakalagay EALINE CO?

Just Desserts said...

OO no! but I complained na hehe.