Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ultimate Butter Cake ?

The Ultimate Butter Cake-- that's how they termed it. Since I'm still in limbo as to whether this is truly a great butter cake or not, I rather not disclose the source of the recipe yet. I set out to try the recipe the very next day to give to my sister C to try (she's very finicky when it comes to butter cakes), since the whole family's meeting that night for Javi's 3rd birthday dinner. Soon thereafter, having braved the traffic and rain, I realized I forgot the "ultimate" cake. But I described it right on as "...having a dense, almost solid mouthfeel before vanishing into a soft, creamy crumb that coats the tongue." And now, to be honest, I am no longer sure if that's a good thing or not.
FF to two days later, I find myself on my cellie with C, as she, almost frantically, makes reklamo (complains) that although it is exactly how I describe it, it isn't at par with the ecstatic flourish I packaged it with. At lost for a better word, she thinks it's just okaaay.

Is it or is it not? The ultimate, that is.

We have planned to use the recipe on Javi's birthday party cake this coming Sunday, but now we're not so sure. He's having cupcakes-- Spiderman, this time (the boy just keeps evolving, first it was Spongebob, then fishy, then shark...) -- with chocolate and butter flavors. We can always refer to our own tried-and-tested butter cake recipe, but it is always fun to experiment; it keeps the creative juices flowing, as we always say.

Keep an eye for updates on this one and possibly, the recipe.

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