Thursday, May 31, 2007

My First Bridal Fair

April 28-29 marked my first bridal fair aptly hosted by Angelswink Productions and housed in Rockwell Tent. My instructions were loud and clear: ingress on Friday at 7pm, pull out on Sunday at 8pm and fit everything on a 2x2.
Fortunately, accompanying me through all this and serving as my "guide" was my brother-in-law R, who seemed to be such an expert on dressing up the tables, complete with swaths and ribbons.
I prepared loads of samples for taste tests, mainly banking on the popularity of gourmet cookies and the ubiquitous banana cake. But I did it one step further with my Peppermint Bars, which my good friend Candie swore tasted like Andes.
The first few hours were spent preparing flyers and calling cards, since people don't usually come 'til the afternoon. And when they did, it was a deluge. I lost track of time and switched to tracking prospects instead. The 2-day event was exhausting but very fulfilling; it was a great venue for me to know my market, discover their wants and needs. And even though there were lots of running to and from copier machines and endless baking, my pragmatism heaved my tired self up and pointed me to the direction of genial smiles and courteous participation.


christine said...

Congratulations on your first bridal fair! I went to the fair 2 years ago because a friend of mine was selling his lighted dancefloor, and I know how demanding an environment and market it can be. Good luck. :)

christine said...
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Just Desserts said...

Yes, it is but a valuable learning experience nevertheless. =)