Sunday, October 28, 2007

Apple Pie

Right at this moment, when it's nearing bed time and everything is comfortable and fuzzy, I'm thinking of a warm apple pie with streusel topping...very, very much like the one in UCC. During the Baker's Dozen in The Powerplant Mall, I got to talk to Karen Young of Karen's Kitchen and effusively praised her apple pie, which they serve at UCC.
This got me thinking, when my mind is at its most element, most vulnerable, the one dessert I truly long for is a good apple pie. So, now, what do I really look for in my apple pie? Just for the record, although I do make apple pies every now and then, it's one of those desserts that I absolutely love but would rather get it from somebody else. That if there's one person who ask swhat he/she can make for me, I 'd most probably answer apple pie. or maybe a good cookie. Hmm.. I notice that I prefer the more uncomplicated desserts.
I want my apple pie to have a streusel topping, buttery, chunky and with cinnamon covered apple quarters as opposed to slices. I care for the crust, too, leaning on a pate sucree type more than the plain shortening tart dough (pate brisee).

This is mere rambling for my love for apple pies.


Anonymous said...

i love apple pies.. blue kithcen use to have the best, but sad to say they dont have it anymore so right now i go for the apple pie of Sugarhouse

prettyrandomthings said...

Hi Elaine! My fave apple pie was from The Apple Tree. Though I'm not sure if they're closed na.

Did you taste the Apple and Cinnamon Dark Chocolate from Godiva? Yummy noh? Haha. I thought it would be jam-like. But creamy pala. My fave of course from that box was the darkest one. Ate the 2 pieces agad. Hehe.

Just Desserts said...

My favorite was the Eclat Feuilletine, may crunchy filling. Super sarap.