Sunday, October 28, 2007

Been busy

Bee's in San Fran for 10 days... He asked what I'd want to have. As if I need asking. I told him he can get me pastries..Kara's Cupckaes perhaps..?
Eclat Feuilletine
I just got a box of Godiva chocolates from Bee's sister, G. I'm not sure if I can take some decent pictures of them as I have taken a bite off each chocolate. I was planning to take pictures of them first but ah, resistance is futile.

Pictured above is my most favorite of the lot, the description was " Milk-Hazelnut praline with feuilletine. And while feuilletine is similar to craqueline (think sugar cones) in that they're so great with hazelnut, it is crunchier with a crystal like appearance (think sugar crystals).

the second layer

Can i just...give a rundown of the menu?? they're absolutely luxurious.

Tourbilon Praline - milk-hazelnut praline
Coeur Noir - dark-dark chocolate ganache
Tourbillon 85 - dark-85% chocolate ganache
Coeur Blanc - white-hazelnut praline
Lune Passion - dark-white chocolate paste with passion fruit

Lady Lait - milk-apple and cinnamon chocolate paste
Volupte Lait - milk-milk chocolate ganache
Lady Noir - dark-white chocolate ganache with vanilla from Madagascar
Volupte 72 - dark-72% dark chocolate ganache
Perle Amande - milk-roasted almond cream

Eclat Feuilletine - milk-hazelnute praline with feuilletine
Mosaique Macadamia - milk-roasted caramelized Macadamia nuts and praline
Moelleux Caramel Chocolat - dark-chocolate caramel
Signature Blanc Cafe - white-coffee flavored chocolate paste
Lingot Noisette - hazelnut praline with hazelnut pieces


Have I mentioned that my good friend C and I organized a speed dating? Guess not. Well, we did last Oct 25 at Moomba Bar and Restaurant. It was our first event and after much planning, months I tell you, we are just so happy that it was able to push through with no uncontrollable mishaps. One of our greatest fear was what if we have completely missed a step and failed to prepare for it. As it happen, we didn't and everything was like in one contained spot, no disaster and such. The feeling is exhilarating. Pictures of the event will be uploaded soon in our website

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