Monday, April 07, 2008

Coffee Break

I know some people, especially busy working people, look forward to their "yosi" (coined from sigarilyo, Tagalog for cigarette) break of the day. And though I don't understand the relaxing part in cigarette smoking (no offense to smokers), I can empathize with looking forward to afternoon breaks--coffee break, that is. Busy or not, at home or in the kitchen (in other words, my workplace), I always look forward to my break which usually happens around 3:30-4pm when I'll stop and have my coffee and maybe a slice or two of cake. I use my coffee time optimally, either alone, reading or chatting with a friend or a sister. I take the time to brew my own coffee and revel in the experience: from measuring the coffee grounds to filling the coffee machine with water and waiting for the hissing sound of water that shots through the coffee filter into my waiting cup. I have even set aside a mug for my coffee, which has become my favorite and hasn't used for anything else.
Now, with my coffee ready, black and unsweetened, I always want something sweet to accompany it. I enjoy pairing my coffee with layer cakes but I love it the most with quickbreads and pound cakes, basically cakes that are baked in a loaf pan or even in a muffin pan. Because quickbreads are generally sturdier, they're very easy to slice and sans the icing, also makes for a less rich (less guilt) snack. And whenever I make quickbreads, I always bake them in aluminum foil pans for easy storage. When freshly baked, I suggest letting them cool at room temperature and covering with plastic wrap afterwards to be stored in the fridge for a day. This technique of letting the cake rest is usually applied to spiced cakes (e.g. gingerbread, fruitcakes), but ordinary loaf cakes can benefit from it, too, as it gives them the chance to develop their flavors more and also makes them moister.

Coffee of choice now: Kalinga Gold from The Philippine Mountain Coffee Collection. It's earthy, robust and aromatic. Available in Tiendesitas Food Village, Pasig.


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Anonymous said...

wow, balck coffee with no sugar.. hindi ko kaya yan...