Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Kind of Raspberry I Don't Love

I bought cupcakes at Cupcakes by Sonja last sunday. It's been a while since I set foot in the quaint little shop and I immediately noticed two new additions on top of its repertoire of cupcakes: brownies and the very rich looking black and white cookies. My eyes were darting back and forth as I try to decide which one to add to my box when I spotted the Raspberry and Cream cupcake with a BOBBI BROWN candy on top. I love raspberries. End of discussion. And so, I trotted off happy with my purchase.
I was looking forward to tasting my Raspberry cupcake and the moment I held it, I immediately felt the VERY oily paper liner and the density of the cupcake. It reminded me of a P20 cupcake I bought in Tiendesitas before that was obviously brushed with oil to appear moist. Now, with that kind of appeal, I was already in doubt with the taste. And as they say, worse than being thought stupid is to be proven stupid. One bite and frankly, it had to go to the bin. It tasted like raw vegetable (I kid you not). Suffice to say that I was pretty disappointed. Raspberries don't taste like that and a P60++ cupcake shouldn't taste like that either.


Phoebe Ann said...

I wish I saw your post before I rushed to Serendra! I tried to like it but nahhh over all it's just plain novelty.

Have you claimed your free makeover? :)


=) said...

your cheesecake pops entry is HILARIOUS! LOL