Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My niece, Jaden, celebrated her 1st birthday last June 7. During the planning stage, my sister D decided to have a cupcake theme for her and while we thought it was perfect for a first birthday, we wanted it a little bit different, something never done before and yet still kiddie-like. We knew that we didn't want to make a cupcake tree, so we came up with what we thought is the perfect cake : a HUGE cupcake cake.
The cake exactly matched the party invites and stage (see it in the back??), from the white icing with colored sprinkles to the brown striped paper cup. It was such a fun cake to do, garnering a lot of "aww" along the production stage.

In keeping with the theme, we made cupcake centerpieces in lieu of the balloons/candies normally used and these served as souvenirs for the guests to immediately enjoy or take home. We used chocolate cake for the cupcakes and iced them with colorful marshmallow icing plus more candy sprinkles!
Incidentally, Bee's niece celebrated her 2nd birthday on the month of June, too. We made another version of the cupcake cake, more colorful this time and topped a little cherry on it. I especially like the plum colored cake board, reminds me of our new box!

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