Wednesday, July 15, 2009

During the time when I was just learning how to make flowers, hydrangeas was one of the first I learned. Its 4-petal structure makes it naturally easy to do, making it ideal to do ahead of time and just stick to anything that needs a decor. I remember doing hundreds in one sitting during one crunch time that I was running behind schedule. Sticking a piece of hydrangea on a cupcake immediately makes the cupcake look daintier and more sophisticated. Alternatively, using it as a filler creates a bountiful look to a cake, as in the case pictured above.

These mini cakes were souvenirs for a small gathering. A red orange fondant is used to cover the carrot cakes filled with cream cheese.

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Judo Rhapsode said...

These look really delicious! I found myself touching the screen in a futile attempt to feel the smoothness of the fondant.