Monday, January 18, 2010

Tea Cup Cake

This is one of my most favorite cakes! Any couple who loves to drink coffee and tea would surely identify with this creation. This is our present interpretation of our first teacup cake back in 2001 (below).

- Kitchen of Carla & Elaine-


Shantal said...

hi!! I'd love to try to make this cake! (check out my work at I only have one question, what sort of pan did you use to make the dome shapes? I've never seen a large dome pan for the bottom tier! I'd love to know so that I can bake a similar style for my best friend's bridal shower! Thanks

AiDah said...


I love looking at this unique cake. I am sure it is not easy to make it.
It is so beautiful and enchanted. I do hope I will be able to make sure a beautiful cake just like this one day.

kimbirch said...


I would like to know how much you charge to make such a cake? It's such a lovely idea.


Anonymous said...

I am a home baker just like you who bakes with her daughter for friends. I would like to know how you make this tea cup cake, do you have a tutorial or can you just explain it quickly. Like the pan you used and some of the techniques.

Kelly-Sarah Adams said...

You can use Pyrex glass bowls to make various sizes of dome shaped cake.