Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Basic Sweet Dough

Back: chocolate chip buns; Front: soft rolls

Finally. I've created the bread of my dreams. I've tinkered and pondered and tinkered some more. Eureka!
I have this mentality that I just have to bake bread at least once a week. If I have 2 hours free, most likely than not, I'll be preparing to bake some bread. I have been using a certain sweet dough recipe for some time now. Although I don't really have major complaints against it, it just didn't quite measure up to my type of sweet bread. My bread standards may have developed from perennial explorations of various sweet breads in the metropolis or it may be wholly my own, I'm not sure , but when it comes to soft breads, I want them sweet, soft and chewy; not too butter-y, but definitely there; somewhat having a cloudlike texture and an open crumb.

Instead of using all bread flour, I mixed in some all purpose flour. I increased the sugar and mixed in the butter early on. I usually add additional flour when I see that it's still not coming together after beating for 3 minutes, but not for now. I wanted a slack dough, one that will give an open crumb.
Baking time was quick! I used convection, top and bottom heat 375degress F. It baked in only 10 minutes! Hurrah! I am a pretty patient person, but when it comes to bread baking, I can't wait for it to get done. I know patience is what makes a good bread (especially artisan ones!). But, I just can't wait to bite into them, to know whether they are soft and sweet enough.
The baked buns had a nice golden color (thanks to the egg yolk wash) and my patience was rewarded with a soft as a cloud bun and a tender open crumb!

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