Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Carl bought me this cake from Dusit Hotel one saturday when he was there attending a meeting. Of all hotel cakes, I've heard that Dusit makes one of the most superb. And from first hand experience, I know this is not far from the truth. Although I almost always shun away from gelatin-based cheesecakes, I couldn't ignore this one away for obvious reasons, but bright succulent mangoes never fail to arrest my attention anyway.
The slice was tall and a looker, the cake was in the verge of falling sideways, but miraculously, it didn't. The mangoes were sweet enough, while the cheesecake was milky; it tasted like melted mango-flavored ice cream. I've tasted something similar in Makati Shangrila Hotel, but somehow this is one seemed creamier. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I love it as I love the chocolate cheesecake Carl made for me, but this one sure is the best gelatin-based cheesecake I have yet to taste. My mom and brother loved this too, saving some for themselves while bringing some along to the family lunch.
I find it best tasting when well chilled (never freeze it!). The chiffon bottom added an interesting mouthfeel and the white chocolate vermicelli did their own part too, providing an almost imperceptible crunch before dissolving to add a creamy richness.
This is perfect for people who like their desserts light yet creamy and satisfying. I like it for what it is and I definitely would buy it for a friend.